Young Life Armenia

Young Life Armenia provides safe places for kids to meet and learn about Jesus. This Includes Providing camp experiences, mentoring, athletic programs, interim housing for ​newly released orphans and college scholarships through the Developing Global Leaders (DGL) program. The ministry gives a tremendous level of emotional support and modeling to their communities.​

Who We Are

Armenia is a landlocked country located in the Armenian Highlands of Western Asia, part of the Caucasus region. Young Life brings the Gospel of Jesus Christ to kids throughout Armenia and hope to a society facing a poor economy, high unemployment, and tensions with neighboring countries. Young Life’s new, breathtaking Pioneer Camp is also up-and-running. It provides a place where leaders can bring their kids to go deeper in relationships and faith as lives are transformed through Jesus Christ. ​

Special Message

​Please watch this video above to learn more about what is going on in Armenia and how you can support Young Life Armenia in the aftermath of the war. See how God is using the Young Life family to further His kingdom.

Pioneer Camp

You Were Made for this

Your story matters, and it can make a difference beyond what you imagine.

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